1140x740 plastic grey PP, 2.5mm (extra charge)

Product no.: KA1208-PP (Aufpreis)

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Plastic plate 1140x740x2.5 mm in PP - Food conform, color grey,   for MR1208 and SRC1208 and all RX1208 and PA1208

Extra charge - only avaible by ordering at the same time our SRC1208, MR1208 , RX or PA1208


Product Note Status Price
MR120818-3S MR120818-3S
Delivery weight: 34 kg
MR120818-4S MR120818-4S
Delivery weight: 47 kg
1200x800xH1800 Rollcontainer MR1208183S50  -3 sided (50) 1200x800xH1800 Rollcontainer MR1208183S50 -3 sided (50)
Delivery weight: 44 kg
1200y800 Wiremesh Roll container MR120818-4S50 1200y800 Wiremesh Roll container MR120818-4S50
Delivery weight: 58 kg
1200x800xH1000 Roll cage 1200x800xH1000 Roll cage
Delivery weight: 60 kg
1200x800xH1200 Roll cage 1200x800xH1200 Roll cage
Delivery weight: 60 kg
1200x800xH1400 Roll cage 1200x800xH1400 Roll cage
Delivery weight: 60 kg
1200x800xH1700 Roll cage 1200x800xH1700 Roll cage
Delivery weight: 75 kg
1200x800xH600 Roll cage 1200x800xH600 Roll cage
Delivery weight: 50 kg
1200x800xH800 Roll cage 1200x800xH800 Roll cage
Delivery weight: 50 kg
1220x820xH640 Pallet cage 1220x820xH640 Pallet cage
Delivery weight: 24 kg
1220x820xH420 Pallet cage 1220x820xH420 Pallet cage
Delivery weight: 18 kg
1200x800xH1520 Pallet cage 1200x800xH1520 Pallet cage
Delivery weight: 42 kg
1200x800xH1220 Pallet cage 1200x800xH1220 Pallet cage
Delivery weight: 38 kg
1200x800xH1020 Pallet cage 1200x800xH1020 Pallet cage
Delivery weight: 32 kg
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