1200x1000xH1130 foldable Wiremesh container Soldes

Product no.: MARK 0991191120

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285.00 €
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Delivery weight: 55 kg

Top opportunity - only while stocks last - sale from cancelled customer order / special production

Art.no.: MARK 0991191120 / PCMK121011-S     
Outside: 1200x1000x H 1130mm
Inside: 1120x930 x H 950mm
Folded: 1200x1000 x H 330mm
Machine: 65 x 120mm
Payload: 1000 Kg
Static load: max. 4000 Kg (1+4)
Tare: 54.7 Kg
1 removal flap on the 1200 side
Long feet for shelving and ...or for turning with stop

Special feature: 3 welded-on metal signs
Label on 1000 side left with consecutive container numbering + tare
Sign on 1200 opening side - neutral without engraving
Plate 1000 side right neutral 

Subject to prior sale at any time

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