Euro-pallet ASF800ES (new synthetic pallet)

Product no.: ASF800PES-001

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Delivery weight: 11 kg

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High quality plastic pallet in eurosize 1200x800 suitable for all internal needs and applications also for export. Also suitable for combination with all our own palletframes 1200x800mm
Pallet Euro:   ASF800PES
  1200x800xH150 mm
  11 kg
  without security lips , optionally also with security lips 7mm avaible
  HDPE  ( not mixed HDPE)
  Stat. load max. 4000 kg
  Dyn. load max. 1000 kg
   Racking load max. 500 kg
  16 pcs    = 1 UE  (1200x800xH2400mm / 176 Kg)
   528 pcs = 1 FTL   (Fulltruck-Load)

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Security lip without security lip


Product Note Status Price
1200x800xH1520 Pallet cage 1200x800xH1520 Pallet cage
Delivery weight: 42 kg
AWF120808-6S-1K12 AWF120808-6S-1K12
175.00 € *
Delivery weight: 20 kg
1220x820xH420 Pallet cage 1220x820xH420 Pallet cage
79.95 € *
Delivery weight: 18 kg
1220x820xH870 Pallet Cage with 2 opening flaps 1220x820xH870 Pallet Cage with 2 opening flaps
119.50 € *
Delivery weight: 30 kg
1220x820xH640 Pallet cage 1220x820xH640 Pallet cage
85.15 € *
Delivery weight: 24 kg
1200x800xH1020 Pallet cage 1200x800xH1020 Pallet cage
101.50 € *
Delivery weight: 32 kg
1200x800xH870 Pallet cage 1200x800xH870 Pallet cage
91.00 € *
Delivery weight: 30 kg
1200x800xH1220 Pallet cage 1200x800xH1220 Pallet cage
118.50 € *
Delivery weight: 38 kg
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