725x800 Plastic-shelf MRP0708

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725x800 Shelf made of  virgin HDPE synthetic material , strengthened with vertical iron plates. Maximal load capacity: 120 Kg

suitable for all our MRP0708 roll containers with 3 or 3 sidewalls  (Roll containers with plastic base /platform)



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725x810xH1640 Roll container MRP0708-2S 725x810xH1640 Roll container MRP0708-2S
from 81.00 € *
Delivery weight: 22 kg
725x810xH1640 Roll container MRP0708-3S 725x810xH1640 Roll container MRP0708-3S
106.40 € *
Delivery weight: 28 kg
725x810xH1640 Roll container MRP0708-4S 725x810xH1640 Roll container MRP0708-4S
from 146.00 € *
Delivery weight: 35 kg
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