Skid set for PCMK Wiremesh containers

Product no.: KF_PCMK
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Delivery weight: 16 kg

Solid iron skids with reinforced structure which can be added to all of our wiremesh containers sized 1200x800 or 1200x1000 mm


  • allows the use of rotative forks
  • can be used on horizontal conveyor systems
  • allows stocking on industrial shelves
  • better weight distribution on the floor


Product Note Status Price
1200x80xH790 Wiremesh container PCMK120808 1200x80xH790 Wiremesh container PCMK120808
138.80 € *
Delivery weight: 41 kg
1200x800xH980 Wiremesh container PCMK120810 1200x800xH980 Wiremesh container PCMK120810
from 129.00 € *
Delivery weight: 44 kg
1200x800xH1190 Wiremesh container PCMK120812 1200x800xH1190 Wiremesh container PCMK120812
237.00 € *
Delivery weight: 48 kg
1200x1000xH980 Wiremesh container PCMK121010 1200x1000xH980 Wiremesh container PCMK121010
169.00 € *
Delivery weight: 47 kg
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Delivery weight: 44 kg
* Prices plus VAT, plus delivery