Customized solutions = our daily business

Customized solutions = our daily business


  • - Best prices directly from our factory
  • - Quick shipping from one of our warehouses
  • - Low delivery fees 
  • - Various payment possibilities
  • - Arcawa offers custom-made solutions


Our costumers constantly require our custom-made and individual solutions. This isn't a problem for us. Actually, custom-made production is part of our service. Allthough we can already cover most uses with our range of products, it is often necessary for our costumers that we produce special sizes and versions for their very specific uses. Arcawa is way more than just an exchangable product-reseller of C-pieces!

Special needs - special production

If you need containers which, for example, do not correspond to our standard sizes, contact us. We will be pleased to help you and to find an ideal and low-cost solution for each of your requests. Many times, a slightly modified product from our standard assortment is enough already.

Be it special sizes, special equipment or higher load capacity, everything can be done (and the extra-fee mostly only increases the prices a slight minimum above the standard product's)

Our internal service will be glad to hear your requests and help you finding easy solutions. Further than that, our experienced external service is also available to come to your location. Naturally, all counselling is free. For more complicated custom-made products, our external-service works professionally together with the appropriate specialists - also from your own company. We have access to a team of specialists, depending on the product. be it technical ingeneers for the development, or construction locksmiths for the creation of samples, or expert advisors from our suppliers (for example for the wheels)

High-Quality is our standard

Especially for custom-made products, we'll be making sure that the customer recieves exactly that which he has ordered and that which is used to get from Arcawa: highest quality, best service, excellent price-result proportions, and timely deliveries!

Many of our customers have required this quite uncommon service of ours for several years now. They enjoy our complete experience in the domain of precise custom-making, competent counselling, the finding of quick and easy solutions, the professional realization of their projects, as well as our After-sales-service.