Pallet frames

Wiremesh pallet frames

Wiremesh pallet frames
With pallet-frames from Arcawa, yours Euro-pallets becomes strong pallet container for logistical use!
All of our standard pallet frames can folded quickly and easily towards very space-saving dimensions. The pallet cages are very tough and can support up to 2.4 Tons of top load (3 pallet cages on the top of 1)All surfaces are electrolytic zinc plated and offer therefore an optimal protection against corrosion.
As we make the wiremesh pallet cages by ourselves, we can easily produce custom heights, dimensions, additional opening flaps and engraved property plates. Contact us and we will calculate your specific price.
For higher quantities, send us please an inquiry for special discount. Based on your desired quantity and the actual ressource prices, we'll be glad to make you a suitable offer.

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1220x820xH420 Pallet cage

Product no.: PA120804

79.95 *
on stock
Delivery weight: 18 kg

1220x820xH640 Pallet cage

Product no.: PA120806.1K12

85.15 *
on stock
Delivery weight: 24 kg

1200x800xH870 Pallet cage

Product no.: PA120808.1K12

91.00 *
on stock
Delivery weight: 30 kg

1220x820xH870 Pallet Cage with 2 opening flaps

Product no.: PA120808-2K

99.50 *
on stock
Delivery weight: 30 kg

1200x800xH1020 Pallet cage

Product no.: PA120810.1K12

101.50 *
Delivery weight: 32 kg

1200x800xH1220 Pallet cage

Product no.: PA120812.1K12

118.50 *
on stock
Delivery weight: 38 kg

1200x800xH1520 Pallet cage

Product no.: PA120815.1K12

136.00 *
on stock
Delivery weight: 42 kg

1200x800 Wire Lid

Product no.: GD1208 (Aufpreis)

36.00 *
on stock
Delivery weight: 8 kg

1200x800xH870 Pallet cage

Product no.: PA121008.1K12

94.90 *
Delivery weight: 34 kg

1200x1000xH1020 Pallet cage

Product no.: PA121010.1K12

113.00 *
Delivery weight: 36 kg

1200x800xH870 Pallet cage

Product no.: PA120808.1K8

91.00 *
on stock
Delivery weight: 30 kg

Euro-pallet ASF800ES (new synthetic pallet)

Product no.: ASF800PES

from 39.55 *
52.00 €
on stock
Delivery weight: 11 kg

1200x800xH600 Roll cage

Product no.: RX1208-B

99.00 *
124.90 €
on stock
Delivery weight: 27 kg
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Wiremesh cages for pallets

Wiremesh cages for pallets

Arcawa's Pallet cages, Pallet frames are available in many different sizes, suiting Euro-pallets as well as ISO-pallet formats.